Stake with us

Current Status: In the present project phase, staking is exclusively available through the centralized World Mobile Vault. However, the transition to decentralized staking is anticipated to become operational by the conclusion of 2023.

Staking your WMT with our ticker will be a straightforward process. Utilizing the World Mobile Vault, you can easily initiate a transaction to stake any desired amount of WMT to an EarthNode. Flexibility is at your fingertips, as you can choose the specific amount of WMT to stake for each EarthNode. Additionally, you have the option to stake across multiple EarthNodes simultaneously. The association between an AyA-Validator and an individual staker is marked by a UTxO on the staking smart contract. For your tokens to qualify as a valid stake on AyA and contribute to the consensus, they must be staked for a minimum of two complete Cardano epochs.


We are an enthusiastic EarthNodeOperator team with 30+ years of combined experience.